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"Nicer Reddit" Imzy is closing down

'Front page of the internet' Reddit has long had a reputation for playing host to unsavory troll types. Back in 2015, Dan McComas and his partner Jessica Moreno left the company to form a gentler, less toxic platform – Imzy.…

Facebook will stream 20 Major League Baseball games this season

Facebook has signed an agreement with Major League Baseball (MLB) that grants the social network streaming rights to 20 games this season. The deal, which furthers Facebook’s live video push, will see the platform stream one game per week to…

WordPress update fixes important security issues

WordPress is probably the most popular content management system in the world. It's easy to get started with WP and the universe of plug-ins and community support amplify its usefulness. WordPress 4.7.5 solves six important security issues found in previous versions. As one would expect WordPress "strongly encourages you to update your sites immediately." You can download the new version and read the complete release notes here.

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