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Instant Games roll out worldwide on Facebook Messenger

Facebook launched its Instant Games platform last November in 30 countries around the globe. An addition to Messenger, the HTML5 gaming platform allows friends and family members to battle it out across a variety of classic video games including Galaga,…

Twitter adds a dozen new streaming content partners

Twitter in April 2016 signed a deal to stream nearly a dozen Thursday night NFL football games during the regular season. A year later, Amazon opened its wallet and secured the streaming rights to the block of games, leaving some…

Home Depot exposes thousands of customers online

You may recall that a few years ago hackers gained access to the credit card information of 56 million Home Depot customers. Well, Home Depot has suffered another data breach. However, this time it was not hackers that were to…

Twitch is adding two new subscription options

Twitch recently announced plans to introduce two new subscription tiers – on top of the existing $4.99 tier – that’ll let partners offer additional perks to their most loyal subscribers (and of course, generate additional income).

PetSmart acquires for $3.35 billion

Walmart can no longer lay claim to the largest e-commerce acquisition ever as that distinction now belongs to PetSmart. On Tuesday, the pet supplies specialist announced intentions to purchase online pet food and products retailer

Suspect in Facebook shooting dead after police chase

Steve Stephens, the man accused of shooting 74-year-old, Robert Godwin on Sunday then posting a video of the killing on Facebook, is now dead. A tweet by the Pennsylvania State Police indicated that Stephens killed himself after being pursued by…
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