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Editorial Team and Staff

Julio Franco
Julio Franco, Executive Editor
It was the late 90s and I found myself spending countless hours learning and tinkering with computer hardware. As a way to teach myself the basics of web development, I created a website around my interest in computer 3d graphics. That personal project eventually evolved into TechSpot. Thousands of articles and millions of readers later, TechSpot has been around for almost two decades and remains one of the leading tech enthusiast destinations online. On a more personal note, I hold a Master's degree in Information Systems, I enjoy watching and playing a variety of sports including tennis, football, soccer and doing CrossFit. Spending time with my wife and kids as well as traveling is great when the opportunity arises. Topics outside of tech that constantly grab my attention include politics and architectural design.
Rob Thubron
Rob Thubron, Senior Editor
I have had a love of computers and technology since receiving a ZX Spectrum 48K (the one with the rubber keyboard) as a birthday present in the mid-80s - a machine that also ignited my life-long passion for all things related to video games. After completing courses in IT and English, I went on study Business Computing at University. While I enjoy exploring all areas of technology, my primary focus is on PC hardware and gaming. When I'm not sitting at my computer here in the UK, I enjoy working out and watching horror movies. I also enjoy graphic novels, heavy metal, and consuming a worrying amount of energy drinks.
Steven Walton
Steven Walton, Features Editor
During my late high school years I discovered gaming on computers and by the time I finished school in 2001 it was clear my future would lay within the industry. Before I became interested in computer hardware I was somewhat addicted to online strategy gaming. This addiction also got me involved with website design as I was interested in the Internet and how it worked. Being a hands-on technical person I soon moved away from games and developed an interest for the hardware that ran and made the game possible. Today I am still just as enthusiastic about computer hardware and I really enjoy how it is ever evolving. When I am not playing with computer hardware I enjoy fishing, driving and playing sports.
Shawn Knight
Shawn Knight, Senior Editor
I have been interested in computers and technology in general for as long as I can remember. I received my first computer as a Christmas gift in 1998 and got into case modding and overclocking shortly thereafter. Aside from writing for TechSpot, I operate my own tech site and a personal blog. While away from the computer, I enjoy cars (mostly drag racing), hockey, good music, MMA and just hanging out with friends. My motto, Do what you love and love what you do!
Erik Orejuela
Erik Orejuela, Software & Downloads
As a Business major I may not go as deep into computer hardware as some of my fellow editors, but I do love the thrill of a good multiplayer match and enjoy the latest in technology gadgets. I also enjoy fishing, diving, boarding and the beach in general on the weekends. I'm married and have a little baby boy who lights up my day.
Per Hansson
Per Hansson, IT Consultant
I live in Sweden and have been into computing for as long as I can remember. I like devoting time for keeping track of the latest hardware & software releases. I also enjoy a good game for relaxation. When I'm not at my computer I'm working as a service technician for the Swedish company Edströms, performing maintaince & installations of Adige tube laser systems in Europe.
Ivan Franco
Ivan Franco, Products & Ecommerce
Early adoption was a tradition in my family, so I've been interested in the latest tech trends and gadgets for as long as I can remember, whether it was computers, audio systems or car tech. I was just a kid when I got my first PC and I was fascinated. This was part of the reason I got into graphic design as a career path. I joined TechSpot in 2008 to help with various smaller projects and then full time when we launched the Product Finder section that I currently manage. I'm kind of a gearhead, so in my free time I like to go off-roading in my Jeep and traveling with my girlfriend, training martial arts and hanging out with friends. I'm also a big soccer fan.
Tim Schiesser
Tim Schiesser, Features Editor
Technology has always been a fascinating and engrossing aspect of the world, which lead me to start writing about it many years ago. I still remember building my first desktop computer back in 2008, an event that kick started my love of tinkering with PC hardware, and the time I picked up the very first Android device which got me hooked on smartphones. As well as studying electrical engineering, I enjoy gaming, watching a variety of sports, and the occasional jam on my saxophone, as well as hanging out with mates in Australia.
Adonis Figueroa
Adonis Figueroa, Developer
Cohen Coberly
Cohen Coberly, Contributing Writer
Cal Jeffrey
Cal Jeffrey, Contributing Writer
William Gayde
William Gayde, Contributing Writer
Adonis Figueroa
David Matthews, Contributing Writer
Nick Evanson
Nick Evanson, Contributing Editor
Isaiah Mayersen
Isaiah Mayersen, Weekend Reporter
Eric Hamilton
Eric Hamilton, Contributing Writer
Humza Aamir
Humza Aamir, Contributing Writer
James Miller
James Miller, Weekend Reporter

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