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A Roblox Chrome extension downloaded by over 200,000 users contains a backdoor

Users should uninstall the Chrome extension "SearchBlox" immediately
PSA: If you have the popular extension SearchBlox installed on Google Chrome, you should immediately uninstall it, clear your cookies, and change your passwords for Roblox and Rolimons. The extension contained a backdoor designed to steal user credentials. Other websites you may have logged into with the extension installed may also be at risk.
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Meta fires employees for taking bribes to hijack accounts and helping others recover accounts

A hot potato: Meta employees and contractors have had access to an internal system for recovering user accounts for a while now. The deployment of this tool grew dramatically over the last few years, giving even more users permissions. Now, the company appears to be cracking down on access. One reason may be misuse within Facebook's own customer service.
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