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emotet botnet malware ransomware

Emotet, the botnet that came back from the dead

What just happened? The Emotet botnet was dead, or so researchers thought. The malicious network is now back in business with a new phishing campaign, exploiting a novel technique to push users and companies to infect themselves.
black lotus labs ddos windows server microsoft

Reflection DDoS attacks are on the rise again

Why it matters: A resurgence in vulnerable CLDAP servers is making DDoS attacks more powerful and dangerous. Windows network administrators should adopt strict security practices or take the server off the internet if there is no practical need for using the CLDAP protocol.
dormant color pcs chrome hacking browser extensions microsoft edge browser extensions

"Dormant Color" malware infects millions of PCs with malicious Chrome extensions

What just happened? Researchers with Guardio Security uncovered a "vast campaign" of malicious data-collecting browser extensions. The analysts dubbed it "Dormant Colors" because of the malware's focus on color and style themes — Action Colors, Power Colors, Super Colors, and so on. Dormant Colors consists of 30 different extensions that millions of users have downloaded.
gdpr privacy clearview ai europe

Clearview AI fined for violating the European GDPR privacy law

In context: French authorities have imposed the maximum possible fine against Clearview AI, a biometric startup selling its controversial facial recognition technology to governments and law enforcement worldwide. The company must delete the data already acquired on French citizens or face an additional €100,000 fine per day.
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