Editors Liked

  • Excellent contrast, Superb color and resolution, Looks good from every angle, Unique panel-based sound system
  • Perfect black levels, Wide color range, Striking design, Android TV platform is loaded with features, including Google Cast
  • Stunning perfect OLED contrast and black levels, Superbly good color delivery, SDR and HDR especially, Fantastic design, Good native audio power, Great motion handling
  • Excellent OLED pictur, Impressive built-in soun, Well-rounded smart-TV feature, Great viewing angles
  • Black Levels, Uniformity and Contrast, Sound Quality, Excellent Processing of motion content, Great Fast motion playback, Color Accuracy and Realistic Rendition, Side Angle Viewing, HDR performance superb, HDR Brightness, Appearance and Build Quality, Dar
  • Outstanding for HDR, Reference image quality, Great image processing, Best motion system for OLED so far, Good and innovative sound system

Editors Didn't Like

  • No color management system, Some white clipping
  • Extremely expensive, Colors aren't ideal out of the box
  • Still way more expensive than it could be, LG's 2017 and even 2016 OLED TVs perform just as well but cost less, Very weak display brightness for SDR content, Slightly limited 24p content playback (oddly, the same in all 2017 Sony TVs), OLED image retentio
  • Odd leaning tabletop stan, Abysmal remote control
  • Gaming Input Lag, Price
  • Android doesn't live up to full potential, Poor remote, Vertical bands on darker grey tones, Mediocre input lag, High power consumption in standby