Editors Liked

  • Good color, Good brightness, Quantum Dot screen
  • Accurate color, Smart TV features with smart-home potentia, Smoot, glossy design
  • Good light homogeneity, HDR and DCP-P3 support, Picture processing of 4K and HD, Tizen simpler and streamlined, Brave choices (no analog ports and new remote), One Connect Mini box, Low input lag
  • The Samsung KS8000 has a good picture for bright rooms, accurate color and superb video processing. Samsung incorporates unique devices and smart home control features, tied together with a simple remote and interface. The design is sleek and minimalist
  • Excellent HDR specs, Superb peak brightness, Tizen has improved, Physically beautiful, Solid color performance

Editors Didn't Like

  • Black levels could be darker, Screen uniformity less than perfect
  • Lackluster black level, Frustratingly minimalist remot, Awkward external connector box
  • Too few dimming zones affect HDR, Narrow viewing angles, Micro-stutter, Remote feels a little cheap, Light bleed top/bottom on specific colors
  • It's more expensive than some TVs that perform better. It also lacks analog video inputs
  • Weak viewing angles, No 3D support, Lacks USB 3.0, We'd like full-array LED backlighting