Editors Liked

  • Excellent Color and Detail - very even black level response across the screen, Very good video processing, as well as upscaling of lower resolution content sources, Very good, and comfortable 3D viewing experience, Extensive interactive oncreen menu
  • Slim, stylish design. Bright, detailed picture. Generous feature set
  • Excellent picture quality for an LCD HDTV Innovative remote control
  • The Samsung UNF8000 LED LCD TV delivers excellent picture quality with deep black levels, accurate color, effective video processing and a uniform screen; stunning minimalist design with hairline bezel and low-profile stealth stand; mind-boggling feature
  • Great picture quality, Promising Smart TV platform, Deep & consistent black reproduction, Color reproduction, Twin tuner (only in EU), Good motion reproduction

Editors Didn't Like

  • "Soap Opera" effect when engaging motion settings can be distracting, Built-in audio system is not bad for such as thin TV, but an external sound system is really needed for a good home theater listening experience, Remote Control features (both phyis
  • Blacks could be darker. Ports are hard to reach. Motion commands are erratic
  • Overly wide Arc Stand base
  • Extremely expensive, wide stand, cable box control scheme still inadequate for heavy DVR users
  • Viewing angles not great, Still some issues with TV apps, Outofbox settings, Expensive & flickering 3D glasses