Editors Liked

  • Bright, Excellent HDR, FreeSync, Wide color gamut, Accurate without calibration, Build quality, Comes with a handy remote
  • Outstanding image quality, Supports all features of flagship consoles, Unique blend of TV and monitor capabilities, Sturdy TVstyle hardware
  • Vibrant and varied colour output with excellent DCI-P3 coverage plus excellent ‘pop' from the glossy screen surface, Excellent static contrast exceeding the specifications, a convincing HDR performance (using the right setting) and strong clarity from the

Editors Didn't Like

  • Limited calibration options, Middling input lag, Few stand adjustments
  • One HDMI port, Better alternatives for general entertainment
  • Some VA-related colour inconsistencies (weaker saturation peripherally), a poor sRGB emulation setting and no Adobe RGB support. ‘Gamma' modes inappropriately labelled in OSD, Per-pixel illumination (OLED etc.) or greater number of dimming zones (with the