Editors Liked

  • Streamlined, story centric questing
  • Excellent new races and starting zones
  • Phasing techniques make for a cinematic leveling experience
  • Guild leveling and rewards systems are great additions
  • Level and gear restrictions introduced for battlegrounds
  • The overall game is much improved in terms of its overall design
  • Two new character types and class combinations

Editors Didn't Like

  • Mount Hyjal
  • An unbalanced new PvP zone
  • A new profession that’s mostly a waste of time
  • Archaeology is a chore
  • Tol Barad sucks if you're on the offensive side
  • New archaeology profession isn't fun
  • Not enough zones to level a second character without repeating lots of content
  • Not quite as impressive as previous expansions in terms of new locational content
  • The overhaul of the fundamental game mechanics have improved some character types, but others feel like they still need work