Editors Liked

  • Comfortable, lightweight design, Fantastic Hi-Res Audio sound, Earcup volume controls for easy access, Raise microphone arm to mute mic, Clear sounding microphone, Very long 3.5mm cable, Dual to single 3.5mm adapter included, Multi-platform compatible, Af
  • Design, Hi Res Audio (Crist & Detailed Mids/Highs), Bass Levels, Microphone , Comfortable, Available In Black, White & Grey
  • Good sound quality, especially for games, Very good microphone performance, Light and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, Volume dial is built into the left ear cup, Microphone can be muted by pivoting it upward, Replaceable ear cushions
  • Beautiful soun, Clear mi, Comfortable fit

Editors Didn't Like

  • Mostly plastic design might not last as long as other more robust materials, Non-removable microphone
  • Overall Build Quality,  Price (For Some), Audio Quality When Using the Bundled 3.5mm Split Cable
  • Stiff competitors in the $100 price bracket, some of which offer more features and better sound and microphone quality, Slightly too expensive, Bass is slightly too boosted for rock music
  • Flimsy fee, High pric, Unreliable adapter