Editors Liked

  • Slick battery charging case–looks cool, Earbuds fit pretty well (in MY ears at least), Good sound, decent ambient noise blocking
  • Comfortable in ear, about the same battery life as many competitors
  • The BE Free8 has a relaxed, natural sound with good bass extension, The BE Free8 offers 16 hours of battery life per case charge, These earphones do not require a tether or connection between earpieces, They are moistureproof with an IPX5 rating
  • Ergonomic design fits very well in the ear, Most ambient sounds are passively blocked, Removing one earbud pauses audio, Worked flawlessly over a few weeks of testing, Battery life is great with charging case
  • Great sound with a good amount of bass, Comfortable, Nice design, not too huge, Easy to setup, Great battery life considering their size, Nice carrying case and extra battery
  • IPX5, Comfortable, AAC and aptx support, Battery life, Charging case

Editors Didn't Like

  • I had to re-pair them often, Largest size earbud tips got caught in the charging case and kept flipping inside out, Battery case sometimes didn't seem to charge the earbuds
  • Indicator lights should be anywhere but on the bottom
  • When idling with no signal, there is some hiss, The on/off/mute button on the earphone capsule is tiny, The manufacturersupplied tips are all of one kind, The supplied charger case is glossy and slippery
  • The shiny case can be slippery and is prone to fingerprints, Ear pieces protrude when in ears
  • Connection strength, No volume control