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thunderbolt oculink egpus nvidia rtx gpu external graphics thunderbolt 5

Thunderbolt alternative OCuLink tested for eGPUs, Nvidia's RTX 4090 benchmarked

In context: For those unfamiliar with OCuLink, it is an optical interface developed over a decade ago, primarily for servers. However, it has recently gained attention for consumer uses, such as external GPUs. OCuLink offers higher bandwidth compared to Thunderbolt 4 – up to 64 Gbps versus 40 Gbps. This increased bandwidth opens up the possibility better eGPU performance compared to Thunderbolt.
samsung 16tb ssds qlc nand storage

Samsung's new QLC Flash could bring 16TB SSDs to market

Reclaiming the storage-density crown once more
Forward-looking: Multi-level memory cells (MLC) can store more than a single bit of digital information at the same time, and MLC chips are the cornerstone of modern solid-state drives. Samsung is about to introduce a new generation of SSDs based on quad-level memory cells (QLC), providing unprecedented areal density for storage applications.
hobbyist cpu microsoft excel excel

Hobbyist builds fully functioning 16-bit CPU in Microsoft Excel

Turns out, Excel is a lot more interesting than we ever imagined
In a nutshell: In an impressive display of creativity and technical finesse, a hobbyist has managed to build a fully functioning 16-bit CPU entirely within Microsoft Excel. The project provides a unique hands-on way to explore low-level computing concepts and highlights Excel's flexibility beyond boring spreadsheets, letting anyone download and tinker with a miniature computer architecture.
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