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Foxconn denies claims that eight workers have died from Covid-19 at its locked-down China plant

Isolated employees have been climbing the facility's fence to escape
In context: Manufacturing giant Foxconn has responded to a video circulated on Twitter claiming that eight people in a dormitory at its Zhengzhou, China, factory have died due to a Covid-19 outbreak. The facility, its main iPhone production plant in the country, is in the middle of a Covid lockdown, but Foxconn claims nobody has died and the video has been "maliciously edited."
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iPhone 15 Pro models could feature haptic solid-state volume and power buttons

Forward-looking: Next year's iPhone 15 Pro may feature changes that'd move Apple one step closer to what some believe could be an eventuality for the company's top-selling product. In a recent series of tweets, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said his latest survey suggests Apple might replace the physical volume and power buttons on next year's high-end iPhones with a solid-state button design.
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Apple said to be testing multiple Mac Pro configurations including one with 48 CPU cores

In a nutshell: The next version of Apple's high-end Mac Pro is expected to be the first to feature Apple Silicon. Apple insider Mark Gurman believes the Mac Pro could be offered with multiple chip options that are at least two to four times as powerful as the M2 Max and has affectionately dubbed them the M2 Ultra and M2 Extreme. These chips are said to feature 24 and 48 CPU cores, respectively, alongside 76 and 152 graphics cores, and up to 256 gigabytes of system memory.
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