D-Link DSL-5300 Cobra AC 5300 Wave 2 Wi-Fi Modem Router


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By TheStreamingBlog on 90

We're really glad that D-Link was able to deliver and provide everyone with an extremely fast modem / router which is the Cobra AC5300. The best thing about it is that the device can easily keep up with the connectivity standards of this day and age; so...

By pickr.com.au on 90

With all the speed and all the convergence, it's pretty hard to knock the D-Link Cobra, as the DSL-5300 proves itself for homes with big needs, both in WiFi distance, ease of use, and speed.Yes, the price is big, but the performance is equally big,...

By bit.com.au on 80

It's not cheap, but the D-Link Cobra DSL-5300 is ideal for those who want to extend Wi-Fi coverage in their home or small business without having to resort to using mesh routers. It also offers plenty of connectivity options and features for a...

By Gadget Guy Australia on 94

All that said, the D-Link Cobra DSL-5300 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Modem Router is a great home router with fantastic WiFi and the kind of web interface that doesn't deter you from wanting to dig in and explore. I love it.Tags D-Linkmodemmodem routerrouterPrevious...

By ImpulseGamer on 96

The Cobra DSL-5300 is a super-fast modem router which offers excellent Wi-Fi connectivity, easy installation and is perfect for users wanting high speed. It offers support for a variety of connections, the ability to connect USB devices and more...

By techguide.com.au on 90

D-Link has delivered a blazing fast modem router with the new Cobra DSL-5300 – it can easily keep up with the connectivity needs of the modern home today and also well into the future.User Rating Be the first one! Related PostsJedi Challenges review –...

By Craving Tech on 100

D-Link COBRA is D-Link's new, flagship modem router. Its power and capabilities have almost doubled from D-Link TAIPAN AC3200 (check out our review on the TAIPAN), D-Link's previous flagship modem router. D-Link COBRA offers very strong, solid and...

By futurefive.co.nz on

If I was reviewing this modem/router on looks alone it would get 11/10. The Cobra is, without a doubt the sexiest router I've ever seen.With eight antennas, a funky triangular design, it's unlike any bit of networking kit I've seen before. As I got it...

By Channel News Australia on

The Cobra looks ugly when compared to the new Netgear Orbi Pro and while both devices were close it was the D Link Cobra that delivered faster speeds and greater reach. It's also $200 cheaper which for many small businesses could be the factor that...