Civilization VI: Gathering Storm


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By GameInformer on 88

The Gathering Storm features a long checklist of other new additions, including 18 new units, 9 new world leaders, 9 new technologies, and 10 new civics. These are all nice little bonuses, but Gathering Storm’s world congress and natural-disaster system are robust enough to make Civilization feel fresh. The Gathering Storm adds new layers to Civilization VI’s incredibly deep strategy system, but taming the planet remains far from simple.

By GameSpot on 90

Civilization VI told a straightforward story of the consequences of your actions. Fail to keep your people happy and they would put down their hammers and raise pitchforks. Be rude to the other leaders and they would soon refuse to deal with you. Beyond...

By CGM on 80

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm makes Civilization VI feel complete, thanks mostly to the great new civs and small quality of life...

By PC Gamer on 81

Gathering Storm is an ambitious expansion full of welcome additions, even if it does falter at the...

By on 70

The World Congress and climate change mirror real-life in that they're partly beyond your control. This makes them hard to factor into your schemes, but the new civs are among the series' best and most...

By TheStraitsTimes on

The weather can get gloomy and you will need to bring sunshine to your people in Gathering Storm, the second official expansion pack of Civilization VI, a game in which you play a leader trying to keep a civilisation happy.Changing environmental...

By Polygon on

Gathering Storm is a useful evolution of Civilization 6. Firaxis has made smart choices in addressing global warming, diplomacy, and its own sagging late-game. But even when it’s all added together, I don’t believe it warrants a price tag of $40. As much as I love this game, and as much as I don’t expect to be loved back, I do expect to be at least respected.

By on

For Civ fans, the future has been set in stone since October 2016: no matter how good Civilization VI was at launch, it wouldn't be done until it had gotten two expansions. Well, now it's got them.Building on the content introduced in 2018's Rise &...

By on

It's weird playing Civilization VI and having it echo real life. As I'm playing North America is locked in one of the coldest weeks it's had in recent memory, and on the opposite side of the globe Australia is sizzling. Regardless what anyone says,...

By on

The newest expansion for Civilization VI, Gathering Storm, is a big one. It's an expansion that isn't afraid to try seriously new things, and even when those things don't all work perfectly, veteran Civ players will likely appreciate the...

International Review By on 92

Es gibt wenig, was mir an Gathering Storm nicht gefallen hat. Der Weltkongress schien mir wenig interessant – klar, die Idee, diplomatisch zu taktieren und seine Ränke zu schmieden hat was, aber wir spielen immer noch gegen eine KI, die auch nach...

International Review By Tom's Hardware Italy on 78

Gathering Storm è un acquisto obbligato per tutti coloro abbiano apprezzato Civilization VI e vogliano provare nuove meccaniche sempre presenti, ma preponderanti soprattutto sul finale della partita. Gli effetti del clima sull'ambiente aggiungono...

International Review By on 70

La dernière extension en date pour Civilization 6 s'appelle Gathering Storm et apporte un petit paquet de choses intéressantes pour le jeu de Firaxis et 2K.Au rang des ajouts de ce Civilization 6: Gathering Storm, on retrouve un impact très important...

International Review By on 90

Los desastres naturales son un gran acierto, le otorgan una vida y realismo al mapa como no se había visto en la saga. Además el problema del cambio climático y el riesgo de ver tus costas sumergidas en los dominios de Poseidón hace que te plantees como...