Build better sites with this AJAX training bundle

When it comes to building interactive websites, it's JavaScript's extensions like AJAX, jQuery, and JSON that do the heavy lifting. Perfect for the aspiring web developer, the Complete Guide to AJAX Bundle can bolster your understanding of these top tools…

HTC teases squeezable smartphone ahead of May unveiling

HTC has sent out press invitations for an event next month in which it appears as though the company will showcase a squeezable smartphone. An image accompanying the invitation carries the tagline, “Squeeze for the Brilliant U” along with a…

Full Throttle Remastered Review

Full Throttle Remastered feels like a supernova. It's bombastic, head-turning, and holds your attention during the brief time it flashes. The classic adventure game holds up today, but, unlike other Double Fine games, it doesn't benefit much from a remaster. The original was already as good as it needed to be.

Twitch is adding two new subscription options

Twitch recently announced plans to introduce two new subscription tiers – on top of the existing $4.99 tier – that’ll let partners offer additional perks to their most loyal subscribers (and of course, generate additional income).