Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing

Computing is everywhere. Mobile is just beginning.

Dropbox's Google Docs rival Paper gets full release

Dropbox may already be an immensely popular cloud storage vendor, but the company isn’t standing still when it comes to introducing new services. At a media event in San Francisco, California yesterday, it announced the official release of two products:…

Snapchat set for IPO on NYSE later this week

An Initial Public Offering is often seen as a big growth milestone for a company. It's a proud moment and gives a sense of legitimacy to many companies, as well as new responsibilities to shareholders. Popular messaging app Snapchat has decided…

Massive 18.4-inch Nokia tablet outed by GFXBench

Nokia earlier this month announced its first proper Android-powered smartphone, the mid-range Nokia 6 destined for the Chinese market. Now, thanks to a recent appearance on GFXBench, it would seem that Nokia’s next mobile device may be an oversized tablet. …
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