Computing is everywhere. Mobile is just beginning.

Facebook Messenger reaches 1.2 billion users

Like the social network itself, Facebook Messenger is incredibly popular. Yesterday, the service passed another milestone: 1.2 billion monthly active users (MAUs). The figure marks an increase of 200 million users over the last eight months and means Messenger now…

Facebook adds group payments to Messenger

Facebook in 2015 added peer-to-peer mobile payments to its Messenger app. The addition made it easy for friends to swap cash but if you need to pay multiple people (to split up a restaurant tab or chip in on a…

Sprint ends the 'Cut Your Bill In Half' promo

In 2014, Sprint introduced its “Cut Your Bill In Half” promotion in an attempt to steal customers from its competitors and bolster its lagging sales. The marketing was aimed at AT&T and Verizon customers. According to Engadget, people who switched…

Apple's new $329 iPad remains a great tablet for first-time users and upgraders

If you want a pure tablet experience, the iPad platform delivers the best overall package. That's why we picked the iPad Air 2 to top our Best Tablets feature this past holidays. However, Apple's iPad for 2017 delivers a weird combination of a more affordable price tag at the expense of a slightly thicker and heavier tablet (it's almost identical to the first-gen Air). This new iPad gets a faster A9 SoC though, so combine that with excellent battery life and you get a great all-around tablet that costs less than ever before.

Samsung is building a platform without an OS

For the last 20+ years, the traditional thinking in the tech industry has been that in order to have any real power and influence, you had to have an operating system. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google have turned their…

Facebook is testing an alternative news feed

Facebook usually makes a big announcement whenever it adds a feature to its platform, but some users are discovering a mysterious, unannounced rocket ship icon at the top or bottom of their screen (depending on whether it's iOS or Android)…
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