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Bayonetta has arrived on the PC with support for 4K, 60 fps

When Bayonetta was first released seven years ago, it became one of the best reasons for PC owners to buy a console. But those who didn’t are now being rewarded for their patience. The excellent third-person action game has finally…

Star Wars Battlefront II trailer leaked online

We weren’t supposed to see the first trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II until April 15 at the Star Wars Celebration event in Orlando. But, as so often is the case, it’s hit the internet before the official release date. …

Luxor Las Vegas is getting a 30,000-square-foot esports arena

Hardcore gamers will soon have another reason to visit Las Vegas. On Tuesday, Allied Esports, Esports Arena and Luxor-owner MGM Resorts International announced intentions to transform an existing 30,000-square-foot nightclub into a multi-level esports arena.

Bank of Canada adds Konami code Easter egg to its website

Government employees, particularly those who work for national banks, aren’t usually renowned for their sense of humor and love of gaming. But it seems this isn’t the case in Canada, where workers at the Bank of Canada’s website have added…

AMD bets on wireless VR with Nitero acquisition

Going wireless is the next major leap for PC-powered VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Looking to take a part in this AMD has announced it is acquiring Nitero, a company that builds wireless chips for streaming…

SimCity 2000 is the Most Important Game I've Ever Played

The same game can be different things to different people, with gender, history, age, cultural background and political beliefs working to influence and funnel its messages and meanings for every unique player. At a time as a young kid when important things were being decided around me, SimCity 2000 gave me some sense of control over my reality.

Official Nvidia drivers for Quake Champions Closed Beta ready

Quake Champions is the latest title in what many consider id Software's most transcendental series. This new free to play is making quite the stir and as one can expect Nvidia is on top of things with new drivers that offer optimizations to ensure the best gaming experience possible. If you're already playing Quake Champions these drivers are a must, just click here to download. If you're not in yet, there is still time. Head to the Quake Champions website to register for the closed beta.

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