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Tech Deals

Hard to miss tech deals.

Freebie: Learning Python ebook

Learn to code like a professional with Python - an open source, versatile, and powerful programming language. You can get the ebook free of charge (a $40 value) with your email address or by connecting via LinkedIn. The offer is good only for a limited time.

Command a higher salary as a cloud security expert

Cloud computing has drastically changed the way we store our data, but it's not 100 percent secure. With hackers and data thieves eager to tap into the cloud, demand is high for certified security pros to push them back, and…

Great laptop deals for the weekend

Whether you want a top-of-the-line MacBook Pro, a super light 2-in-1, or a loaded gaming rig, this week's roundup of the best laptop deals has great options courtesy of our friends at Dealnews. Shipping is free on all offers below. …

Bolster your IT resume with the Linux Power User Bundle

You might be happy surfing with Windows or macOS, but Linux is emerging as one of the most important enterprise operating systems. The Linux Power User Bundle can walk you through it all, featuring 5 user-friendly courses, this training bundle…

Freebie: Computer Security Handbook, 6th Edition

Written for professionals and college students, this handbook compiles advice from experts working in the real world about how to minimize the possibility of computer security breaches in your systems. With positive reviews on Amazon (sold for about $120), this is a great opportunity to grab it on ebook format free of charge. Use your email address or connect via LinkedIn. The offer is good only until May 10.

How to make big apps with ReactJS

Ever wonder how apps like Facebook and Instagram keep running? The answer lies with ReactJS, the JavaScript library that allows developers to make big-time apps with continuously-changing data. Given the popularity of these apps, it's no wonder why ReactJS expertise…

Take on Java's most popular framework with this Spring Bundle

For the uninitiated, Spring is a popular Java framework used for enterprise application development. It's particularly useful for wiring multiple app components together in different combinations, making it tremendously versatile. So, mastering its ins and outs is a smart decision…

How to master today's top coding tools for over 90% off

The tech market is booming, and that means the demand for skilled coders is as well. But you won't be able to capitalize on this demand unless you're well-versed with the right programming tools, so check out the Ultimate Learn…

Build better sites with this AJAX training bundle

When it comes to building interactive websites, it's JavaScript's extensions like AJAX, jQuery, and JSON that do the heavy lifting. Perfect for the aspiring web developer, the Complete Guide to AJAX Bundle can bolster your understanding of these top tools…

Pursue a higher IT salary with these Citrix courses

An industry-leading virtualization solution, Citrix and its services make businesses borderless by allowing their teams to work remotely with the tools they need. Of course, these solutions need IT pros to help them run seamlessly, and that's where the Citrix…

Master Android development with top-tier training

Android is the world's most popular mobile platform, and understanding its ins and outs is a surefire way to break into the world of app development. But creating apps from the ground up can be a harrowing experience for newcomers…

Advance your tech career with the Complete Linux Mastery Bundle

From operating hardware to mobile devices and even planes, Linux can be found just about everywhere, making Linux-savvy administrators a hot commodity. Bringing over 30 hours of training to the table, the Complete Linux Mastery Bundle is a six-course collection…

Freebie: The DevOps 2.0 Toolkit ebook

This book covers efficient software development with microservices using the latest and greatest practices, including Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Ubuntu, Docker Swarm Consul, confd, and so on. This book has received very positive reviews on Amazon ($30), but you can get the ebook free of charge with your email address or by connecting via LinkedIn. The offer is good only until March 29.

Upgrade your DIY handiness with this iFixit Toolkit

Whether you're in need of a screen fix or a battery swap, iFixit's comprehensive DIY toolkit is loaded with all the gear needed for common electronics repairs. Using iFixit's precision hardware, you can carefully disassemble and tinker with your tablets,…
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